Points of Interest


6016260“Inspired by the opulence of the ancient Mesopotamian city of Babylon and the legendary wonderment of the Hanging Gardens comes a conceptual restaurant, lounge, and event space unique in its kind to downtown Raleigh’s dining and entertainment landscape.”

Mosaic Wine et Lounge

Mosaic Wine et Lounge“Mosaic Wine et Lounge offers a beautiful, romantic, and unique setting in the heart of the Triangle. Moroccan in design, it is a multicultural space hosting a wide variety of events, including wine tastings, music festivals, international parties, dancing and art exhibitions, and DJ talent from around the world. Its music policy reflects its international roots, and a wide variety of can be heard throughout the month, including House, Arabic, Caribbean, Afrobeat, Latin, Balkan, Funk, Soul, Swing, Flamenco, Brazilian, Jazz, and a wide range of electronic genres. Live bands, belly dancers, burlesque performances, and more are also hosted throughout the month.”

Second Empire Restaurant and Tavern

3706679“Imagine a dining experience that combines an atmosphere of classical history and elegance with a selection of cuisine that is as exquisitely unique as it is delicious. Then imagine delighting your senses with a world-class wine selection. Now imagine finding this right here in the Triangle. It’s not imagination, it’s Second Empire Restaurant and Tavern. Located in the beautifully restored Dodd-Hinsdale House in downtown Raleigh, Second Empire satisfies the highest of standards.”