Example Trivia

Our trivia questions are broad. You never know what we’ll ask! Here are a few examples of past trivia questions:

  • What’s the state bird of North Carolina?
  • What famous document begins with, “When in the course of human events…?”
  • What element makes the blood red?
  • What’s the name of the longest mountain chain?
  • Who gave Peter Gabriel his first job in the music industry?
  • Which American president on his way to his inauguration was told if you solve this problem, you will be known as the greatest president ever? He answered back, “If I don’t, I will be known as the last.”
  • Who was the person that came up with the phrase ‘tax shelter?’
  • Who is the youngest person to unite the boxing heavy weight championships?
  • What’s the name of the artist who has been inducted in the rock’n roll hall of fame 3 times?
  • What’s the name of the most successful rock band made by high school students?
  • In what year was Nelson Mandela released from prison?
  • What was the largest empire land area in history?
  • Which country gifted the Statue of Liberty to the USA?
  • Which countries were the Allies and Axis in the 2nd World War?
  • What’s the hardest currency to forge?
  • What’s the largest mammal?
  • Which two actors were given an Oscar for playing the same character?

Some of our trivia questions are about movies. Here are some videos that will provide you with helpful hints: